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What are you waiting for! It's time to order those BRIDESMAID DRESSES!

Matthew Trettel

Do you have a summer or early fall wedding this next year? Well now is the time to find those special ladies their dresses and get them ordered up!


Start with choosing a style or color that you want for your big day and the shopping process will be easier for you! You will also want to have your wedding gown chosen prior to picking out the bridesmaids dresses! You will want their dresses to compliment yours... if you have a vintage looking gown don't have them wearing a modern styles or vice versa. Keep the theme of your special day in mind. 


 Don't worry about gathering all your bridesmaids and bringing them with you!  Bring a few of your ladies with and you can e-mail style options to the others to ultimately help choose THE DRESS. You must always remember that you can't please everyone so don't let it stress you out! Be confident with your decision! 


On average bridesmaids dresses typically take about 4 months to arrive and you will want to give your bridesmaids enough time to have any alterations done! We typically recommend picking out bridesmaids gowns 7 months prior to the wedding which will give your girls 1 month to order their gowns and have time to get their gown altered if need be. 

If you are a little late in the game no worries some bridesmaid designers offer rush shipping if does cost additional but may be worth it if you are planning a short engagement! 


If your lovely ladies can't make it into our store to get measured or live to far worries! All we need is a bust, waist, and hip measurement which can be done at any seamstress and we can do everything over the phone and e-mail them their receipts! Bridesmaids dresses do tend to run on the smaller size so warn your girls not to worry if their measurements are falling into a larger size than they normally would wear! 


Did you get your wedding gown with us? FABULOUS news...your lovely ladies will receive 20% off their bridesmaid dresses! YAY!!!!