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Alterations Time

Matthew Trettel

Picture this: You have finally found your dream wedding dress! You feel beautiful in it and can imagine yourself saying “I do” in this gown. Only problem- It doesn’t fit to perfection just yet! Luckily, there are many skilled professionals who can alter your wedding gown to fit you perfectly. You are not alone-- a majority of brides will need some sort of alterations done to their gown. The following are a few typical alterations you may need for your dress: 


-Hem: Unless you are the standard height of a model, you will probably need your dress hemmed. This is usually very simple and something that seamstresses deal with regularly.

-Taken in/let out: If your dress is too small or too large, this can usually be fixed. If your dress is just one or two sizes off, this should be a simple fix. If you have found a dress that doesn’t fit by more than two sizes, you should look for a skilled seamstress who has done this before. 

-Bra cups: If you have a strapless or backless dress, bra cups are a great option! Your seamstress can sew a bra right into your dress so you never have to worry about straps or your bra slipping out of place.

-Straps or sleeve adjustment: If you choose a wedding gown with sleeves or straps, chances are good that they will probably need adjustment.  Wedding gowns are designed to be altered so your seamstress will be able to fix this issue. 

-Corset adding: If your dress is a few sizes too small, adding a corset is a great option.  This will allow a larger range of sizes for the dress to fit.

-Bustle: If your dress has a train, you will need a bustle so that you don’t drag your dress on the floor all night! Depending on our type of train, your seamstress will be able to decide on the best type of bustle for you. 

When scheduling your alteration appointment, it is important to keep a time frame in mind. You do not want to schedule it too early, in case you have weight change. You do not want to schedule it too late and not allow the seamstress enough time. A typical rule of thumb is to schedule your first fitting three months before your wedding. This will allow plenty of time for several fittings and any last minute changes that are needed. Keep in mind that if your dress is in need of alot of work, you may need to allow more time for alterations.