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Finding your PERFECT veil!

Matthew Trettel

You’ve found your perfect gown, but your wedding day look is not complete without one important, iconic accessory -- the veil! Before you get overwhelmed with the variety of veils to choose from, consider these important factors to help you find the perfect one!

Your dress - Your veil should compliment the gorgeous dress you spent tireless hours trying to find, not distract from it! Consider the important details of your dress before you pick a veil so you don’t cover up intricate beadwork or hide the fabulous drop-back of your gown. Once you know what details of your dress you don’t want covered up at all, you can figure out what length and how sheer you want your veil to be.

Your style - Your veil should compliment the theme of your wedding and your whole ensemble. Typically, an elaborate gown looks fantastic paired with a simple veil and vice versa, but very formal weddings incorporate both elaborate dresses and veils. The key is creating a balance between the gown and the veil, so your look doesn’t look over the top. Embellishments on the gown, don’t need to match the veil, but the two should always compliment each other. 

Your hair - Before you even start looking for a veil, have at least an idea of how you want your hair to be styled on your wedding day. It’s important to know if you’ll have it up or down, to find a veil that will function well with that style. If you are going to have a more elaborate hairstyle, think about finding a veil that will look gorgeous and sleek pinned under the up-do, but if you are looking for a more traditional look look for a veil that you’ll pin above. If you are wearing your hair down, you can even shop for bridal caps or halo veils. Most importantly, bring your veil with to your trial appointments, so you’ll know exactly how the finished ‘do will look!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to consider, don’t worry! Our stylists at Mestads Bridal & Formal Wear are experts and are here to help you pick out the absolute perfect veil and accessories for your big day. Our goal is to find something that not only looks gorgeous on you, but reflects your style and personality.