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Prom 2016 Tuxes


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Prom 2016 Tuxes

Holly Bowe

Prom Tuxedos for 2016

What’s the cost?! 

For the second year in a row, we’re offering any tux for $99! It’s important to all of us at Mestads that you have the best options AND the best price. 


 Extra options:

  •           Shoes $20
  •          Suspenders $6
  •       Pocket square $10
  •           Socks $5


When should you book:

Our amazing tuxedo experts want to see you ASAP! (Even if you’re not sure of the color vest/tie/bow tie you need, we can get started decide later). 


When to pick up your tux:

Thursday or Friday before your prom. Give us 30 minutes—we want you to try on to make sure you’re looking good before you go!  


When to return your tux: 

The day after prom! BEWARE OF OUR $50/DAY LATE FEE! 


Tuxes have to be cleaned, processed and sent out for some other handsome gentleman to wear the following week for proms, weddings, etc. If you can’t bring it back, let someone you trust do it for you. J


(Check with a tuxedo expert to see if we are picking up tuxes from your school.)


We’ll see you soon!