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It's All About The Veil!

Holly Bowe Mestad

You've found the perfect wedding dress, now you need to decide on the veil!  According to designer Toni Federici, "The veil is the mood enhancer.  It is the dial that chooses the personality that you want to show on your wedding day.  Who are you on your wedding day?  How do you see yourself- vampy, sweet southern belle, traditional, or rebel?  That's the fun- the creation of those emotions..."

With so many styles, lengths, embellishments, edgings, and options it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to select the veil that will accent your gown best.  Sometimes when you know the terms it makes the selection process easier.  Here is a quick tutorial about veil lengths....


The vintage style seems to be worn with everything these days, but its cropped length often works best with shorter dresses


Traditional brides are drawn to this option as it "conceals" your face as you walk down the aisle


A circle of tulle and typically, lace, it is a regal, old-world option that is usually worn draped over the head thus framing the face


This choice connects several layers together.  The shortest can be worn, but is not required to be, as a blusher, and the longest layer can be made detachable to extend the wear time of your veil


Simple, yet elegant, this type of veil pairs perfectly with a ballgown because it ends where the full skirt begins


This veil is the go-to length for any and all gowns since it touches your fingertips it cuts perfectly with all silhouettes


Landing anywhere from knee to ankle, this veil is long enough to add drama, but not so much that you'll trip on it while dancing and walking


With a length of 9-25 feet, this is the veil of fairy tales, especially when paired with an equally grand gown


Now you can consider what options work best with your gown, as well as the emotion you would like to create on your big day.  Now get ready....Here Comes The Bride!