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Rainy Wedding Day Necessities

Holly Bowe Mestad

You have the perfect outdoor venue booked, you have all of the planning done and crossed off your list, but the 1 thing you can not plan for is the weather.  If you have been checking the extended weather outlook leading up to your wedding day & rain is even a remote possibility, here are a few things to have on hand to ensure a perfect day, regardless of what Mother Nature brings you:

You don't need to spend a fortune to provide matching or coordinating umbrellas to your bridal party and guests.  You can stop by Ikea or Target and pick them up for under $4.00.  And the best part, if the rains do not come, you should be able to return them

Rain Boots
It probably won't be possible to provide rain boots to all of your guests, but you can provide them for your bridesmaids, your flower girl, your mom as well as your fiance's mom.  And while you are selecting theirs, don't forget to pick up a pair for yourself!  They look great in pictures and are easy enough to change in and out of when the weather changes or when you change from one location to another.

These are wonderful to have on hand in case a brief rain moves through.  You can use them to wipe down chairs, tables, the dance floor, or anything.  Most chances are they will not be seen by your guests so you can grab a few from your own beach towel stash.  However, if you think they will be seen, try to coordinate them with your colors.

Hay can be a saving force for any outdoor location that has been hit with rain.  Simply lay down a layer over the rain soaked area and it will absorb much of the moisture and prevent the ground from becoming muddy.  It is also good to have on hand for photo-ops!

All in all, you can't control Mother Nature, all you can do is prepare for her.  And if it does rain on your wedding day, consider yourself many regions it is believed to be a sign of a good and happy marriage if you receive rain on your wedding day!