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How To Tie The Perfect Tie

Holly Bowe

Whether your guys are opting for a straight tie or a bow tie for your wedding, unless it comes "pre-tied" they are going to need some assistance.  The advantages of tying your own tie is a nice custom fit and the ability to slide it on & off rather quickly at the end of the evening, or when the photos are done!  Here is a quick step by step for each tie type to help your guys look their very best for your big day.....


1. Start with the left end 1 1/2″ longer than the right end.
2. Slip the short end under the long end.
3. Pull the longer end over and under to create a knot.
4. Now form shorter end into a bow by doubling up shorter end and placing it across the collar points.
5. Hold this front loop with your thumb and forefinger of your left hand. Drop long end down over front.
6. Place forefinger pointing up, on bottom half of hanging part. Pass up behind front loop.
7. Poke resulting loop through the knot behind the front loop. Tighten until the ends are even.

Regardless of which option your guys choose to wear, these instructions should ensure a great looking tie!