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Wedding Gowns for a Cause

Holly Bowe Mestad

An Exquisitely Ethical Wedding Dress Collection that Gives Back & Empowers Women Around the World Through Fair Trade.

Mestads is thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest designer gowns by Celia Grace.  

Meet a company that not only designs breathtaking, eco-friendly wedding gowns, but also empowers women around the world.....Celia Grace.

Celia Grace believes in Fair Trade:
Fair Trade is a global movement to end poverty by giving you the ability to vote with your dollars for the kind of world you want–one where people are paid a living wage, work in safe and fair conditions, and can break the cycle of poverty. Celia Grace is proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation. 

At Celia Grace, a Fair Trade wedding dress means…

  • Trade, not aid – that helps those who need it most – women in India and Cambodia who have few options for safe and fair work.
  • No child labor – Celia Grace employs only adults and does not allow sub-contracting.
  • Donated school uniforms - Celia Grace donates a school uniform to a child in need in Cambodia through the nonprofit Tailored for Education with each dress sold.

This company also believes in making Eco-Friendly gowns.  Most bridal fabrics are made from petroleum based polyester that pollutes our air, earth and water.  But Celia Grace believes in using fabrics that are handmade, natural fibers, or small-batch textiles to reduce our environmental footprint.  They also use handmade silk woven on traditional wooden looms whenever they can.  This helps to preserve a traditional art form, and also puts money in the hands of those who need it most-poor rural women.

Come into Mestads' Rochester location throughout the month of May to be a part of a company that is changing the lives of women around the globe.  Because you should not only look beautiful in your wedding gown, you should also feel beautiful about your wedding gown