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Social Media Etiquette at Weddings

Holly Bowe Mestad

Social media is a wonderful way to share the joy of a couple's wedding day.  However, if you overshare, post unflattering photos, or spend more time online than being present in the moment of the wedding, you can take a useful tool and turn it into a wedding day disaster.  Whether you are the bride and groom, part of the wedding party, or a guest, here are a few social media etiquette guidelines you should follow:

This is a decision to make before you send out your Save the Date Cards.  If you want to have your day be shared on social media you can come up with a #hashtag that is quick and easy to remember, as well as being unique to your wedding day and add it to your Save The Date Cards to let people know it will be on social media.  If you choose to make your day private to only the guests at the wedding you can add a simple request on your invites to keep the wedding day private and off of social media

It is a major wedding faux pas for anyone (bridesmaids, personal attendant, family) to post pictures of the bride in her wedding gown on social media before the groom sees her.  It is also considered taboo to post pictures of the bride and groom on social media before they do, if they do not have a designated hashtag.  When in doubt, hold off posting until you have OK'ed it with the bride & groom.  Stick to posting selfies or group shots that don't give away too much about the wedding (be sure the bride & groom are not in the shot, there is not too much of the decor/flowers in the background, you avoid any random guest in the pictures) until it is ok to do so.

Be mindful that the bride and groom have hired a professional photographer to capture all of their big day for them & be sure to stay clear of their shots.  Standing during the ceremony, leaning into the aisle, or raising your phone/camera above your head during the ceremony can redistricting to others at the ceremony & also get in the way of the professional photographer's shot.  Also be considerate that flashes can ruin the photographer's professional don't want to have them re-do the family pictures because you were using a flash

Whether you choose to have an unplugged wedding or a social media bazaar, or you are attending one or the other, keep in mind the wishes & requests of the bride & groom, as well as the family and guests.