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Top 5 Wedding Trends for Summer '16


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Top 5 Wedding Trends for Summer '16

Holly Bowe

When it comes to getting married, couples today are making it a priority to interweave unique touches throughout their Big Day.  They are forgoing more of the straight laced white wedding concept and moving towards a more fun, casual event with something for everyone.  This can be seen in Pinterest's Top Wedding Trends of 2016.  Here are the top 5 thus far.....

Pinterest has seen a 600% increase of pins saved on this topic, and for good reason.  By taking a "no cameras or phones allowed" stance couples are ensuring that they will see faces as they walk down the aisle instead of phones.  For more info on this, please read Here

Food Truck searches are up over 30% this year on Pinterest.  Couples are opting for a more relaxed and casual feel for their guests' dining choices and forgoing the traditional 'meat, chicken, or vegetarian' options that have been given to guests for years.  Pizza, Sandwiches, tacos & Ice Cream Trucks are some of the more  popular searches on Pinterest

In lieu of registering for mixers and china, couples are opting to set up Honeymoon Funds.  Sites like are making it possible for friends and loved ones to gift money to make the couples dream vacation a reality.  Searches for this new trend are up 200%

Brides are increasingly looking for ways to ensure their bridesmaids can feel comfortable and personalize their look while they stand beside them on the Big Day.  Pinterest searches for this topic are up over 50% from last year.  Whether it be a variety of colors or differing gowns, bridesmaids can ensure their own look if the bride chooses this option.  for more information on this topic, please click Here

Couples are forgoing tossing rice in favor of flower petals, confetti, lavender, and even popcorn.  There has been a 30% increase of saved Pins on this topic