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Wedding Guest Book Ideas


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Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Holly Bowe

A wedding guest book is a wonderful way for your loved ones to share their wishes of happiness, love & wisdom with you on your wedding day.  But why limit this wonderful tradition to a book that will be tucked away on a shelf?  Why not have your guests sign something that you will actually use on occasion or that can hang in your house?  Here are some of the newest ideas of ways to have your loved ones share their thoughts with you.....


What a great way to keep your loved ones' well wishes close to you...have them sign a wooden yard chair (or set of them) and then put a clear coat finish over them to seal in their well wishes and love for you.  It would also be a wonderful conversation piece on the deck


You've found your missing puzzle piece, so why not have your guests sign individual puzzle pieces that, when put together, create your engagement picture?  It can then be put in a box for you to assemble whenever you like, or framed to hang on your wall with a clear backing to read the words whenever you choose


If you are a couple who love board games, perhaps you can use one of these great ideas:  Have your guests sign individual Jenga blocks...think of all the fun you will have re-reading their messages of love once it topples over!  If you are more of a Scrabble playing couple, consider having your names & wedding date blocked off on a scrabble board & framed.  Your guests can then sign the glass frame and you can hang it on your wall after your wedding


Have your guests dip their thumb into different colored paint and add their thumbprints to the your image of choice.  You can then choose if you want them to sign their name on or near their print or leave it without.  This is the perfect interactive guest book idea that results in a beautiful and memorable piece of art that you can hang on your wall


Many couples save a bottle of wine or champagne from their wedding day to be drank on a special occasion or anniversary.  Why not have your guests sign bottles for multiple occasions and you can read their words of endearment and be reminded of what a special day your wedding was


Ornaments are a guest book idea that also doubles as a wedding gift!  You can provide any kind of ornaments you like for your guests to sign and leave their messages on.  Then you have ornaments to decorate your home & tree your first Christmas together as a married couple