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Iconic Wedding Gowns


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Iconic Wedding Gowns

Holly Bowe

Let's face it, the most important gown you will ever wear is probably going to be your wedding gown.  Whether you choose to go with a classic white ballgown, an edgy sheath, a pantsuit, or add a touch of color to your gown this is THE gown you will say 'I Do' to your loved one in.  If you are struggling with what you want to wear when you pledge your eternal love, perhaps you can draw some inspiration from these iconic wedding gowns through the ages

Queen Victoria is credited with the tradition of wearing a white wedding gown.  When she married in 1840, it was tradition for royalty to wear red on their wedding day

When Queen Elizabeth ll married in 1947 she had to use ration cards to buy the material for her beautiful wedding gown as the nation was still recovering from WWll

Elizabeth Taylor wed for the first time in 1950 when she was 18 years old.  She went on to marry an additional 7 times to 6 different men

Jacqueline Kennedy chose a beautiful gown for her 1953 nuptials to John F Kennedy.  Note how the pleating and skirt detailing are back in high fashion today

One of the most iconic and elegant wedding gowns is the gown Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier lll of Monaco in 1956

Mia Farrow opted for a non-traditional gown when she married Fran Sinatra in 1966.....He was 50 years old and she was 21

Bianca Jagger was pregnant when she wore an Yves Saint Laurent suit to her 1971 wedding to rocker Mick Jagger.  She planned to wear a blouse under her jacket but it did not fit, so she went without

Princess Diana's wedding gown is one of the most recognized wedding gowns in history.  When she wed Prince Charles in 1981 full sleeves were very popular

Gwen Stefani added a splash of color to her wedding gown for her 2002 nuptials to Gavin Rossdale

Prince William & Kate were married in 2011.  Kate chose a beautifully classic ballgown for her storybook wedding

That same year Kate Moss married in a very different gown than Kate Middleton did.  This sexy sheath gown features an illusion skirt and straps