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Insider Tips For Your Big Day


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Insider Tips For Your Big Day

Holly Bowe Mestad

There are so many things to think of on your wedding day that some of the little things can be overlooked.  We have consulted our expert, Grace, who has been helping brides & grooms make their BIG DAY memorable for more than 30 years and she has come up with the following tips to help get you through your ceremony and reception.

Before the ceremony there are a thousand tiny details to keep straight.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Break in your wedding shoes around the house while wearing socks the weeks leading up to your wedding.  Also, be sure to scuff up the soles on the driveway or sidewalk so they will not be slippery while walking down the aisle.  This will ensure no pinching or sliding on your wedding day
  • While getting ready the day of your wedding, do not wear a bra.  This will prevent bra strap lines on your shoulders and back once you slide into your gown
  • Step in to your wedding gown on the day of your wedding.  It may sound like common sense, but your hair and makeup will be done and you do not want it getting messed up by sliding your gown over your head
  • Put a little Vaseline on your teeth so you do not get dry with all of your smiling
  • Be sure to get a picture together before the wedding.  This is a good opportunity to capture "the reveal" shot and to remember the feelings you shared the first time you saw each other on your wedding day
  • Be sure to rest before the wedding....about 45 minutes before you walk down the aisle.  This is important for not only the bride & bridesmaids, but the entire wedding party.  This is also a good opportunity to grab a quick snack to prevent your stomach from growling during the ceremony!

If you choose to wear a veil on your wedding day, be sure to keep it on for all of the "firsts' shots: First dance as husband and wife, the cake cutting, your first meal as husband and wife, your dance with your father/mother.  This will ensure you look like a beautiful bride in all of the images and not just a girl in a pretty dress

Before you leave the reception site have someone from your bridal party undo the buttons on the back of your gown before you leave for the evening.  You would be amazed at how long it can take to undo all of them!

Most importantly, remember to smile & have fun!  This is your Wedding Day and you will carry these memories with you for a lifetime