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2017 Wedding Trends

Holly Bowe Mestad

2017 is finally here, as are the biggest trends in weddings for this New Year.  Here are some of the newest trends we are looking forward to this year....

Bridal Crowns:

The crown has made it's comeback! No longer a relic of the past, tasteful crowns paired with veils will be the bridal accessory of 2017.

White Wedding:

Gone are the days where brides are the only ones to wear white! In 2017 Bridesmaids will opt for chic gowns in white and creme tones.

Doing Away With The Bridal Bouquet & Garter Toss:

Brides and grooms alike are doing this less and less, and we think it's just the beginning!

Photo Booths 2.0

Portrait booths instead of photo booths!

Metallic Coloring & Accents:

Metallics will be big in 2017- incorporating them into your big day is a great way to elevate the formality and glamor of your wedding while straying away from traditional gold and silver.

A Touch Of Blue:

While we predict brides incorporating a bit of blue in their palette, we also see them breaking the norm of tradition with a bright white gown, and trading it in for a bit of subtle blue (or blush) for their gowns

Plated Meals:

A lot of couples are turning away from stations, which have been so popular, and going back to a more traditional route of the plated meal.  Most of them want to really cater to their guests and give them a great experience, which to them means not waiting in a line for food.

High Table Arrangements:

After a decade of low subtle arrangements being designed – table centerpieces are getting a lift! These aren’t the ones with the floral ball on top of the pedestal vase but these new arrangements feel dramatic yet uncontrived.

Intimate Destination Weddings:

More and more couples are choosing to forgo big traditional weddings, and instead are inviting their closest family and friends to join them in their favorite destinations