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Announcing Your Engagement


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Announcing Your Engagement

Holly Bowe Mestad

Who do you tell first?

Okay, so lets say he really did get down on one knee this holiday season…who do you tell first!? That’s a big question you might want to consider before he actually pops the question. It seems like a no-brainer but the digital age has completely changed the way we announce and celebrate monumental moments such as engagements. Imagine how you’d feel if you saw a photo of your sister’s or best friend’s engagement on Instagram before you even got the confirmation for yourself. Although it might be tempting to post an excited photo of that picture perfect moment, we urge you to do a couple things first… Number one, take some time for the two of you, take in those first few moments as an engaged couple together and cherish it! Next, share the big news with the most important people in both your lives. If you have children, they should be first on the list, next comes your closest family members followed by best friends, extended family and anyone else who is particularly special to you. After you have personally shared the big news with all of these important people then you can post away on all your social media accounts!


Video Announcement:

This is a super fun idea for sharing the big news with close friends and family members that you won’t be seeing face to face in the days following the engagement. You don’t need to have a flashy song and dance or a professional videographer to make a cute and meaningful video these days. Consider sharing the news with the long distance friends and family by making a simple video. Make a little slideshow including some of your favorite couples’ photos and end with an image from the engagement to announce the big news, pair it with a meaningful song and you’ve got a hit! Apps such as Flipgram allow you to make a video/slideshow that can be easily shared on social media after you personally message the particularly important friends and family.


Share the Proposal:

This option takes a little planning ahead on the proposer’s end. Coordinate a videographer, photographer or a friend to capture the proposal on film or with photos. Once you decide to publicly announce the big news you can share the video or photos in a collage or slide show form. First you can personally share the piece with close family and friends and then go ahead and post it on your favorite social media.



Surprise your guests:

This one is perfect for all the holiday events and gatherings coming up in the coming days and weeks. If you’re hosting a holiday event, serve the appetizers and cocktails as usual. Once everyone has arrived announce your engagement with a toast! If you’re a more creative type, incorporate the big news into the food, the menu or décor somehow, it will be fun to watch guests slowly catch on and have that “ah ha” moment! Don’t forget the bottle of champagne!



The Little Kid who Can’t Keep a Secret:

Here’s another fun option for the holiday season filled with family gatherings including relatives of all ages. If you have a little one in the family, you probably already know this by now, but they just cant keep a secret! At the next family holiday gathering, whisper the big news in the little one’s ear and tell him/her it’s a big secret… the odds are the “top secret” news will slowly spread as the night goes on, they might just end up blurting it out during dinner!


Launch a wedding blog

Here’s a practical way of sharing your engagement news, launch your own wedding blog! These days, blogs aren’t just for businesses and celebs, blogging has become the best way to get information out fast and allows for quick and easy feedback. This option is proactive and practical, because you’ll be able to use this website/blog to not only share the big news but also to update your guests as the wedding plans unfold.


Snail Mail

Send out an old-fashioned card, via snail mail. Send a surprise postcard that includes a photo from the special moment to all the important people in your life. Since old fashioned, hand-written notes are becoming a lost art, friends and family will appreciate the thoughtful and personal way of sharing your engagement!