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Who gets a Plus One?


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Who gets a Plus One?

Holly Bowe Mestad

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Because planning a beautiful dream wedding within budget is stressful. It’s important to look at every little detail and how much it will cost you. One of the first big costly steps in wedding planning is finding the right venue… that will fit all of your guests. Including the plus-ones. Every head counts when it comes to budgeting, so how do you determine which guests deserve a plus-one? We’ve put together a guide to help you determine who deserves that plus-one invite.


Plus-One Invites

The Wedding Party

A happy wedding party equals a happy couple. They’ve also put a lot of time and work into your day, so it’s the least you can do.


The Engaged

Anyone who’s engaged! They’ll want to experience your day together. Plus maybe they can get some inspiration for their own big day.


The Married

And of course, those that are already married. You’ll want to go to weddings with your soon-to-be spouse too!


Long term serious relationships

If they’ve been in a relationship for a couple of years or live together. You know they’re serious!


A Guest that Won’t Know Anyone else

Do them a favor and give them a plus-one. They’ll feel more comfortable and will have more fun!


Skip The Plus-One Invite

Single Guests Who Will know Others

The singles who you may not be particular close to. Let’s say your mother-in-law insisted on inviting a second cousin.



If you’re close to some coworkers, invite the group! They are more than likely to go together. As for your boss, if you are close with them send them one too. Remember you don’t have to invite everybody.


Those Who Are Casually Dating

If the guest in question seems to have a new significant other every few months or hasn’t been dating the same person for more than a year, giving them a plus-one isn’t a priority, although it is thoughtful if you have the budget to do so.