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Wedding Theme Ideas


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Wedding Theme Ideas

Holly Bowe Mestad

It’s time to talk themes! These days weddings truly are an event, its not just a walk down the aisle and a sit down dinner, weddings are fun, creative and carry so much personality, more specifically your personality. We love it when we hear wedding guests saying  ‘this is so them'.  One of the ways to add that extra personality to the big day is by creating a theme!  We’ve created a list of a few of our favorite wedding themes to share with you!


The vintage look is always a favorite wedding trend; we love the shabby chic elements of lace, pearls and warm rich colors.  Try adding accents of sparkle for a pop instead of a bright color.  We love the idea of incorporating metallic into your bridesmaids dresses, accessories or centerpieces. One of our favorite vintage elements that has come back is the cascading bouquet, nothing exudes vintage more than a lace gown accompanied by cascading floral.  If cascading greens aren’t quiet your style, add a piece of meaningful vintage jewelry or a broach to your bouquet, either attached at the stem or intertwined with the flowers, it makes for a meaningful and beautiful touch.


We have all heard the phrase, “the bride is glowing”, we know you are going to look and feel your best on your wedding day, and that’s because all of your inner beauty and joy is on full display.  Just as your appearance will speak for itself, so should your venue.  The natural beauty of a garden themed wedding is almost unbeatable!  Freshly cut wild flowers, mason jars and pastels are all key ingredients in the recipe for an unforgettable garden wedding.  If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of backyard garden nuptials but don’t want to risk the outdoor elements, we have the perfect solution, bring some of your favorite garden elements indoor.  We love to dress up the altar and what better way to do so than a flower wall backdrop, oh and did we mention this will make for AMAZING ceremony photos.  The bottom-line for a garden wedding is to let the flowers steal the show, or at least let them take second (we know your going to be the true showstopper).  Tone down the rest of your décor by using muted pastel colors and neutrals.  We love using natural wood elements in a garden wedding.

Colorful Boho

Perfect for the carefree, laid back couple!  Bohemian-themed weddings are all about creating that relaxed feel.  We love the idea of mixing and matching, try using a combination of prints and colors or mix and match the types of seating options for the ceremony or reception.  Nothing should be too matchy-matchy if you’re going for the boho look.  Consider a free flowing off the shoulder wedding gown for yourself and go for variety when it comes to bridesmaids dresses.  Feathers are another boho favorite, try incorporating little peaks of feathers in décor such as dream catchers or within flowers and centerpieces.  Offset the use of soft elements such as laces and flowing fabrics by adding pops of texture and bright fun colors.  Make a statement with bright floral patterns and use the natural texture of wood to break up the soft and subtle elements.


Okay, what is more picture-Esk and romantic than saying “I do” under a warm sunset with sand beneath your feet!?!?  We love beach weddings, who doesn’t!?, if this is your dream come true make sure you incorporate the feel of your location to all the elements of your day.  Include elements of the beach or ocean into your bouquet.  Place a starfish or seashell in your flowers to complete the beachy look.  Consider using mini starfish as clasps on your bouquet fabric or in the men’s boutonnieres. If you’re going to be in the sand, you may need to think about your shoe options.  If you truly want to feel the sand in between your toes, opt for a barefoot ceremony, but don’t forget to dress up your feet with “barefoot sandals”. We also love the use of bright colors in beach weddings to contrast the light sand, weather it be the flowers or the men’s ties and bridesmaids dresses we love this fresh look. If the beach wedding is for you, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take must-have photos such as silhouettes against the waterfront sunset.