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6 Wedding Gown Shopping Tricks


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6 Wedding Gown Shopping Tricks

Holly Bowe Mestad


No one is more respected in the bridal world than The Wedding Guys and they have devised 6 tips to help make your wedding gown shopping a seamless experience.  Here they are:

1: Budget:

Know your financial limits before you enter a salon or shop.  Don’t waste time trying on a bunch of gowns that are out of your price range.  You will be successful and have more fun if you focus on all the amazing options you can actually afford!  Helpful hint: don’t forget to factor in alterations and taxes, you’ll probably want some fun accessories too so don’t forget about shoes, jewelry and a veil!

2: Dress Code:

Where are you getting married?  Are there religious or traditional guidelines that will impact your fashion choices?  Also keep in mind the season and location of your wedding.  A large ball gown may be beautiful, but ask yourself questions such as, “Is this really practical for a summer beach wedding?” Feeling comfortable and confident in your dress makes a big difference on the big day!

3: Know your style

Trying on a gown cut in a silhouette that isn’t right for your body type can leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged.  No one knows your body better than you do, so pick a silhouette and style that is flattering on your body type.  Focus on the features you love, and work to highlight those rather than hide your flaws.

4: Share your vision:

If your entourage will be joining in on the bridal gown fun, make sure to communicate your vision with them before you’re in the salon.  Friends and family will be more helpful and encouraging if everyone is one the same page.  They are here to help, but if you don’t communicate your desires and vision, they may end up sending you down the wrong path and making your decision even more difficult.

5: Be open:

Don’t limit your options by being closed-minded.  Especially if you are just starting the dress hunt, have some fun and experiment with different styles and silhouettes- who knows, you might just surprise yourself!  Also be open with the fit of your dress.  The gowns that you’ll be trying on at the store most likely won’t fit perfectly.  Keeping that in mind, and having an open mind about alterations will ease some of your dressing room worries.

6: Say yes!

If you fall in love with a dress, don’t be afraid to say yes!  FYI, its okay to fall in love with the first dress you try on!  You have to trust yourself and be confident in the decision you make.  Once you make a decision about your perfect gown, stick to it…and that means it’s time to stop shopping. Shopping after you’ve said yes to another dress can add more stress and confusion to the mix…and who needs that!?