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Toni Federici Designer Bio

Matthew Trettel



Toni Federici is our featured Designer of the Month for October at Mestads Bridal and we are so thrilled!

We wanted to share a little bit about this FABULOUS designer!

The FABULOUS Toni Federici

The FABULOUS Toni Federici

Toni Federici was a bridal consultant and quickly came to realize there just wasn't enough options for brides when it came to choosing the perfect veil for their dream dress. Toni started her making veils herself so brides would have more options to choose from and soon realized she had found her passion! 

" I like all the facets of working personally with the bride, who has never dressed up like this before, and taking her through a transformation from pretty girl in her everyday wear, to almost a past life regression, to how she sees herself romantically. Who are you on your wedding day? How do you see yourself – vampy, sweet southern belle, traditional or rebel? That’s the fun – the creation of those emotions and plugging into the bride’s emotional state.

The veil is the mood enhancer. It is the dial that chooses the personality that you want to show that day. It is psychologically fascinating."

Mestads Bridal is soo proud to carry Toni Federici veils in our stores for our brides because we believe our brides deserve the best.

 "Toni Federici is the only company in America where skilled artisans cut, sew and embellish couture veils by hand." We believe every brides deserves that when it comes to their big day!

Not only does Toni Federici design stunning veils but she also has gorgeous bridal accessories to choose from as well! 

Email us at to make your appointment today! We would LOVE to help you find your PERFECT Toni Federici accessories for your big day!